Risk Assessment & Audit Plan

Annually, we perform a countywide risk assessment to identify areas of risk in financial business processes and information technology environments. A survey is distributed to county departments and solicits feedback on high-risk elements such as changes in key management, the regulatory environment, organizational structure, critical applications, and budgetary position. We also analyze applicable financial data from the county enterprise resource planning system. From this information, we apply professional judgment and identify departments and areas of high priority for audit and develop an audit plan based upon available audit resources. The audit plan is presented to the Audit Oversight Committee for review and is ultimately approved by the Board of Supervisors. 

FY 2024-25 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan  (2.72 MB)

FY 2023-24 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan (1.91 MB)

FY 2022-23 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan (781.8 KB)

FY 2021-22 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan (2.18 MB)

 FY 2020-21 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan (1.23 MB)

 FY 2019-20 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan (1.26 MB)

 FY 2018-19 Risk Assessment & Audit Plan (673.9 KB)

 FY 2017-18 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (Auditor-Controller) (1.55 MB)

 FY 2016-17 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (Auditor-Controller) (985.8 KB)

 FY 2015-16 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (1.74 MB)

 FY 2014-15 Revised Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (363.9 KB)

 FY 2013-14 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (961.7 KB)

 FY 2012-13 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (968.7 KB)

 FY 2011-12 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (719.3 KB)

 FY 2010-11 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (766.7 KB)

 FY 2009-10 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (550.2 KB)

 FY 2008-09 Audit Plan & Risk Assessment (2.86 MB)

 FY 2007-08 Audit Plan (598.5 KB)

 FY 2006-07 Audit Plan (643.7 KB)